Monday, August 5, 2013

Girl's Camp with Anna!

I was super proud of Anna up at Girl's Camp. I got to be one of her 2nd year leaders this year and was super excited about it!  Anna is such a nice girl! I'm so proud to have her for my daughter.  (Not saying she is perfect, but almost!) She was never one spec of a problem.  She gave up her place to let others go first and she always tried to make sure everyone was doing well/happy.  She was grateful for all of the opportunities that she got to participate in up at Girl's Camp. Some girls were "bored" or didn't want to try things.   Rock climbing/rappelling, canoeing, making quilts, long, hard hike(s), turns with the boat (tubing) and just being with her friends was all super fun for Anna.  I had such a good time being up there with her. I might have drove her nuts being around all the time, but she put up with me.  Many girls griped when it was chore time, but not Anna.  She thought dishes and bathroom was fun because she was with her buddies.    I even overheard her changing the subject when girls started getting catty.  She is trying to read her scriptures daily, get through her Personal Progress book, be nicer to her little sisters :), and get through her Math book this summer.  Oh, and also get her volleyball serve down!   I couldn't ask for a better daughter. (now if any of my daughters ever read this, I will say I could say the same for all of them, but this time it is about Anna :)

But back to Girl's Camp!
Anna made several really cute things for her secret sister!  It was hard because the girls didn't know who they would get until they got to Girl's Camp, but she just went crazy. I had to tell her to stop and be done already!  She got this first idea off of pinterest - she added the temple and changed some of the words.

                                                           Mini marble run (our idea)

Porter sure likes it!

                                                Another pinterest idea for a prayer box:

                        Daily scripture reading/study for the girls for nightly devotionals (we were "Bo Peep" - each group of girls were assigned somebody from Toy Story)
 Crafts/handouts for the girls.  They LOVED the sheep. I was glad because they took forever to make! Even with the kids helping me....The girls had so much fun sleeping with and playing with them. They gave them hilarious names. Some of the sheep even got letters at mail time in the lunch room!  I also made some "black sheep" and if they found the black sheep on their sleeping bag it  meant they had to do a good deed for someone to get their white sheep back.   They all wanted to get a turn with  the black sheep! :)
Crazy camp songs :)

                                               Rock wall they rappelled up and down on:

                  Beautiful lake we played in and did the daily morning swim across and back at 6:00 am!

                                                           Anna, with her friend Jessie.

                                                     Waiting for their turn on the  boat:

                                  3 of the 4  2nd year leaders plus two JC's (junior counselors)


claudia said...

You certainly made it a wonderful time for all! Very creative!!

claudia said...

You certainly made it a wonderful time for all! Very creative!!