Friday, February 7, 2014

(Frugal) Friday Night Date

As pretty much the usual thing, Brett and I had plans to go out Friday night. Usually we run a couple errands and get something to eat.  This night was not that different.  I was wearing my typical uniform when Brett got home and I asked him if I should change into something nicer. He said yes.  We then went to Orchard Supply and to Lowe's where Brett bought a light bulb (special kind for our family room fan that had been out for several months and is the main lighting in the room, so needed to  be fixed).  He found it on Amazon, but didn't want to pay $6.00 for it.  So then we got to look at various stores for it. He found it at Lowe's for $10.00 and bought it just to have it done.  Then he regretted it after  we drove away. It was a really exciting conversation we had about that light bulb :)

Next stop - Brett wanted to find a place where we could sit for a while and go over budget stuff (without annoying anyone or having to leave a huge tip).  We couldn't really think of a good restaurant and the library was closed, so then we went to the church. It was freezing cold in the church.  Brett said I could warm up by playing the piano since I like to play, but my fingers were too cold!   Sometimes we will come over to the church to play on the piano or to practice a song (like this week Claire, Eliza and Luke were singing in sacrament and so we had come over a few times to practice).   Brett asked me if I would like a piano like the one that was in the room (Relief Society Room) that we were in. I said, "No, it looks too much like a church piano."  He asked me what color I would like if I could choose. I said, "Shiny black grand piano!"  but knowing we don't even have room for one (or the budget) I revised my answer to a nice dark brown wood - to match our decor.

At this point I was wondering why I changed into a nicer outfit :)  I was also wondering if we were going to eat as I was super hungry.  (However, as my jeans were cutting off circulation around my middle, I knew it wouldn't hurt me to miss a meal, but knowing this didn't make my hunger pains go away.) We sat down and discussed goals,  budget items, needs, wants - you know the usual - what are our priorities, what happened to the money, what are the big items that need to be taken care of (pipes, floor repair, oven repair, trees cut down - super fun things to spend money on!!)  We also added in some fun things - swim team, sports, vacation (maybe), couch etc.  Finally, we were done.  It doesn't take too long to figure out places to spend money haha.  At that point it was 10:00 pm and since nothing is open in Livermore that late we decided to just go home. As we were locking up the church door, I remembered out loud and very disappointedly, that I forgotten to put a piano on our priority list.  I have wanted one since we got married and it always seemed to get bumped out of the way for more pressing things (and sometimes just frivolous!) but the money was literally all spoken for. Rats.  Next round.  However, it was still good to have this budget session out of the way and hopefully, next Friday night Brett will let me eat!

Fast forward to Saturday.  Usual  busy morning - household/yard chores, Josh had Lacrosse practice, Brett took some of the kids to clean church, forgetting  a baptism of a friend in our ward, cleaning house etc. Later, I was heading out to take Josh over to a friends but Brett said he was going to Lowe's (really? Lowe's again? Fun!) so he could take Josh on his way.  Porter had just gone down for a nap and so I decided to take a nap too. About an hour later the phone rings and it is Josh's friend asking if Josh was still planning on coming over.  I was so confused - 1/2 awake too. So I tried calling Brett and he didn't answer.  I asked the kids at home if they had heard anything. I kind of just guessed that Brett had taken Josh to Lowe's with him first.  I went back to sleep.  A while later Porter wakes me up and says, "Mom! Come see the surprise in Living Room!"  Oh boy haha!  What could it be Porter? A big box that is your fort?  I walked out to the living room and around the corner there was a  foreign piece of furniture with a red bow on it!!  What???? My first thought was literally, "Oh no! It was not on our budget list!"  I asked  Brett how much it cost.  With a big grin he says, "Don't worry, it didn't come out of our account. I saved money on the side and paid for it!"  Wow!!    So we sat down and proceeded to practice the song the kids were singing the next day and we didn't even have to go to the church to do it :)

 Since that day Brett has noticed how often the piano is played by everyone. I wonder if he has more money saved secretly for piano lesson! :) He said if he had known  how much it was going to be used he would have bought one a while ago!  Anyway, it was a total shock and such a great surprise and I'm so happy to have REAL piano music in our home.  Thanks to my sweet, thoughtful husband!!!   And not to leave you  hanging about the mystery of why Josh's friend was calling about Josh  not showing up at his house was solved :) Enroute to dropping Josh off, Brett got the call from the person he bought the piano from that it was ready to be delivered if possible. Brett was originally planning on giving it to me for my birthday or Valentine's.   So Brett went to Walmart instead and bought the ribbon/bow and then took Josh with him to go deliver the piano.  Also, another mystery solved - Brett kept asking me if we should move the game bookcase/keyboard into the family room.  I said I didn't want to because I liked having the music in the living room separate from the computers/tv. Then he would suggest it again.  I thought it was strange that he was suddenly interested in our furniture arrangement. So when I woke up from my nap, the game bookcase/keyboard were in the family room and piano had taken that spot. Okay by me! I love it. The color and the simple lines. It even looks good with our bookcases and new(ish) pocket doors!

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claudia said...

Wonderful surprise!!Good job, Brett!